stm4e (stm4e) wrote,

Variations on Politeness

This was going to be a "These darn kids nowadays" rant, but I think it's more of a "people are weird, who can figure?"

So today's the last day of classes, and everyone's stressed and tired (including me, including my wife- what can I say, I have an aura).

In the last hour, I've had:
- A student barge into a class (of 5 students) while I was teaching it, asking one of the students to borrow his laptop. Not at the beginning or end of class either, right in the middle. That's never happened before.
- A student come flying into my office, whip a bunch of papers out of his bag, grab across my desk into a back corner where I had a stapler, staple his papers together, and run out. The kicker is that the homework he was stapling wasn't even for my class! His only attempt at asking or apologizing was to say "Well, your office is the first open one I saw".

But then..
- I got an email from a student I worked with a few summers ago who asked me to be a reference for him when he applied to be a Navy pilot. I barely remember this happening, and the Navy never contacted me or anything. Anyway, his email today was long, described the process and his future plans, and went out of his way to thank me several times. Since I'd almost forgotten all of this, it was nice to be reminded.

So, lots of different personalities out there, and I need to remember that I shouldn't get all crotchety and stuff when the students act like jerks. Especially at the end of the semester- I'm not much of a prize when I'm stressed either.
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