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Year End Poker Wrap-Up

I didn't do as well this year, and the baby basically stopped me from playing for 3 months. But I'd like to get back into it, and this is a good way to think about where I'm at..

My 2009 goals were:

  1. Go back to the $11 Sit and Go level and stay there this time. I only move up a level (in Sit and Go, cash, or whatever) when I've made enough money for twice what I think is
    a reasonable bankroll at that level. I sit on (or cash out) one half, and play with the other half. If I lose my bankroll, I move down a level and start over, but I still have "banked" the other half of my winnings. It's a little conservative, but I like having a set of rules that enforce good bankroll management. In the Sit and Go, I define one buy in as 3x the buy in for one game. I figure that since 1/3 of the field cashes, if I lose 3 whole buy ins without cashing, I deserve to be dropped a level.

    In March, I won enough to move up a level, and stayed there till the beginning of April. In May, I went on a major losing streak, not cashing in 7 straight tournaments, and only cashing in 1 out of 11 (and that one was a third) I was so frustrated I went all the way down to the $1.20 level to see if I could get a winning streak going. After 2 long days of grinding out at that level and breaking even, I tried the $5.50 level again, and decided that if I lost a bunch more, I'd move down to the $3.40 level. Which I did, and stayed there until I won $33 (enough for 6 buy ins at the $5.50 level). In July, I was playing the $5.50 game again, and then I had to start diverting attention to the pregnancy and the baby. So I haven't conquered the $5.50 level yet, but I'm proud that I've clawed back from a real rough patch. Hopefully things will look up from here.

  2. Stay solid in the $.10-$.20 limit cash game and work on moving up to $.25-$.50. I made about $25 playing at the $.10/$.20 game. About $25 more and I can move up.

  3. Concentrate on making some deep runs in the MTT. I made the final 2 tables 3 times, and last year was the first year that I had a MTT year in the black. (and the other years are really bad- losing $40-$50 each year, which is a lot when you mostly play $1 tournaments). This was a real weak spot in my game, and I improved it a lot. Still no final tables (in Hold'em), but I think it should be a matter of time if I can get back in the swing.

  4. Play solid and reflective poker in the non-limit games I don't know if it was last year, or the year before, but they added a $.04/$.08 Razz game that I like. I'm down a bit in it ($5), I'm down in No-Limit cash (2 buy-ins. I think I have trouble calling people's all-in overbets- I really should only do it with very, very, strong hands.), but I'm up in Omaha limit, at least a little, because I'm learning to play less hands. I also came in third in that Razz tournament, which was cool, but even with that, playing in lots of Razz and HORSE tournaments has me breaking about even. I do think that those tournaments are small enough (almost always under 200 people), that it's hard to cash, and the prizes don't go up very high until you're well into the final table. For example, I'm doing the HORSE right now, it has 192 people, we're almost through the second round, and there are 46 people left. 32 pay, I'm in 15th, but bottom money is $1.44, and you have to make the final 2 tables to double your buyin. So this may not be the best option for making big money.

  5. Keep the bankroll moving up, and join less "stupid" tournaments with extra money that's lying around. Every year, I've made less money- though this year, if you pro-rate my winnings though the 3 months I basically didn't play, I do a little better than last year) I didn't play any large (for me) buy-in tournament that would cost a large chunk of my winnings- I played the $1 Razz and HORSE instead, which is kinder to my bankroll. I think the main component to this year's slow gains was the Sit and Go fiasco, which I'm writing off to a bad patch that everyone goes through. I hope.

  6. Cash again (and possibly several times) in the Full Tile Razz freeroll and grow a bankroll there. I got close a couple of times, but this hasn't happened yet. They've also expanded the tournament to take 7500 people (instead of 2400) and pay 45 (instead of 27), so the odds are going against me.

  7. I don't think that I'm going to make any specific goals this year, since I don't know how much chance I'll get to play. I'd like to see my steady play continue, and continue to not throw away money, and keep grinding away at all of the levels I play at.
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