stm4e (stm4e) wrote,

Earl would call it karma..

On the way home from NY, I was caught in the blizzard over the weekend, and our dinky Long Island airport closed. Since I had to change in Baltimore, I ended up driving down with my sister and her husband, who live down there, to catch the (delayed) second half of my flight.

The place they put the gate was a giant space at the end of the hall- on one side was the gate for Columbus, and the other side was a gate for a (similarly delayed) flight to Louisville. I sat on the Louisville side, since it had a better place for me to plug in my computer, and I figured I'd hear them announce my flight anyway, since it was all sort of the same room.

I took out my computer, and started playing one of my stupid time-wasting games, when I feel someone watching me. It's a 7-year-old girl, looking shyly at me and watching what I was doing. I think she and her (teenage) brother were flying alone, because there were no parents in sight.

Anyway, I showed her the game ("These are the fire mages! They do splash damage!" "Crap! My sword dudes don't work against flyers."), and she was fascinated for a while. We talked strategy a little (she told me where to put my units). I even offered to let her play for a bit, but I think she was too shy.

It was actually fun, though I spent the time waiting for some adult to pull her away, accusing me of trying to molest her, or something (you don't talk to strangers!). Eventually, she asks me, "Are you going to Louisville with me?" I said that I wasn't, I was waiting for the Columbus plane on the other side. She said, "Aren't they getting on the plane?" I looked over, and sure enough, the gate is open, and people are jumping on the plane.

I quickly thanked her, packed up my stuff, and made it as one of the last people on the plane. I'm glad that girl wasn't afraid to talk to me, and I'm glad I wasn't the antisocial jerk I usually am, because being friendly with her was probably the reason I didn't miss my flight. I know people's walls are built much higher these days, when you see news stories about baby murders and kidnappings and stuff, but it's good to see that you can still be nice to strangers, and how it comes around and helps you too.
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