stm4e (stm4e) wrote,

How to tell me you'd like to fail my class

This actually hasn't happened in a while, but I thought of it today since I'm giving a lot of tests this week.

Sometimes, usually in my lower-level/non-majors classes, when I give a test, someone walks in who I usually don't see in class very often. They usually look disheveled, as if they've just woken up (even in afternoon classes), and ask me "I don't have a pen to take the test with. Can I borrow one?"

So, here's someone, who either knew there was a test and didn't bring the ONE thing they needed, or didn't know there was a test, luckily came to class anyway, and was.. what? Expecting to sit through an hour-long (sometimes two hours long) class without taking a single note? Really?

I give them the pen, but I mentally say to myself "The drop deadline is in 2 weeks. See you then." Usually, I'm right.
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