stm4e (stm4e) wrote,

Is it us, or is it them?

Yes, last night's non double-play call was bizzarely, embarrassingly, missed.

But even before yesterday, people have been talking about how badly the umpires have been doing in this series. Some of that is due to injuries and a stupid selection process, but I wonder how much of that is also due to technology getting better. Is it possible that the umpires are making the same (or similar) amounts of mistakes, but because the close-up camera work is better, and we have more angles to choose from, that we're just noticing it more? I don't know, but I think that's a big part of it.

Where we're headed, of course, is Instant Replay. Which I guess I can't complain about, given how embarrassing some of the umpiring has been in the playoffs. But it doesn't sit right with me either. Partially because of the added time (you can respond with whatever snarky "but baseball is so slow anyway" joke you want, but I'm serious), and partially because I don't think it's affected football for the better. Sure, you "get the call right" a lot of the time. But there are so many things that are still wrong, because they're not reviewable for whatever reason, and I think the referees are being incentivized to just make one semi-random call and then see if it holds up under replay. I don't think that's the outcome we want to see.

Maybe one day, it will all be computerized, and we won't have to worry about this. I'd be ok with that..
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