stm4e (stm4e) wrote,

Recursive Thanking

I don't see much point in many social niceties, which makes me a bit of a social outcast, especially to my family, who is very big into the "forms" of politeness. My problem with the binding laws of etiquette is that they often get you into a situation where both sides are forced to do something neither side would like.

For example- before she left to have the baby, the people at my wife's job (very small office-5 people total) threw her a going away lunch. It was nice, low-key, they all got us presents (I got a shirt that says "Daddy drinks because you're being naughty", which I think is awesome), it was a lot of fun.

So, in the days between the end of work and a baby, my wife sends the office a "Thank-You" bouquet of fruit, which was a nice way to show our appreciation for the party and gifts and stuff.

(as an aside, whenever I see the sign for "Edible Arrangements", my mind reads the "Edible" and completes it was "Underwear". Yes, I have a crazy mind.)

Anyway, a few days ago, the office sends us a card thanking us for the fruit. It's a thank-you note to thank us for the thank-you fruit!

Where does this end? Do we have to send them a thank-you candy heart or something?
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