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Random calendar-based reflection day

Well, it's New Years, so let's see how I did with my 2008 poker goals

1. Start playing $11 Sit-And-Gos (instead of $5) and try to retain my profitability: I made it to the $11 level in the end of March. I give myself $33 (enough to lose 3 times, if I never win). That money lasted until the end of August, and I went down to $5.5 again. Then I went on a tear and went up $66 at that level ($33 to pocket, $33 to try losing 3 times again) so I tried the $11 level again, and lost 3 straight. I've been grinding back again, and am about halfway to my next level. So I haven't maintained my performance at the $11 level, but I think grinding this way is the patient, bankroll-maintaining approach.

2. Continue solid cash play, moving up to the $.10-$.20 limit (ooh!) level.: Done in March. After a rough start, I'm now consistently profitable at the $.10-$.20 level. Using similar bankroll management that I use in the SNG's, I want to be up $80 at this level before I move up to $.25-$.50, and I'm not there yet. I feel good about the direction this is going, and proud of myself for sticking to this grind.

3. Become profitable in multi-table tournaments. Still bad at this, down again for the year, mostly thanks to 4 shots at the $11 sunday afternoon "Deep Stack" tournament. (Since I usually play the $1.10 MTT, busting out of an $11 tournament is a big hole). But still no really deep runs. My best finish is 76th out of 2100 back in April, and that only won me $3.57 from a $1.10 buyin. I don't know if I'm adapting to the late-game changes you have to make, or what.

4. Learn some other game (probably Omaha/8 or Stud/8). I've lately been trying NLHE ring games, Omaha 8 and Razz (all at the lowest limits). None of which are doing very well for me, but none are going horribly either. I'm especially lost in Omaha, though. What hands are worts staying with, and what hands are worth starting with, I don't know. The book I have isn't very good, I don't think.

5. Overall, get to my next "cashout level" on PokerStars. Done in April. I want to have increasing cashout levels though, so the next level is pretty far away (to me. It's one hand's worth of profit to the high-limit people)

6. Play the Full Tilt Razz freeroll frequently and try to win some money to start my own version of the Chris Ferguson Challenge. Done in June. Then I played really really scared in some $1.25 SNG's and lost 2 of 3. So now I have $.80 on Full Tilt and can't do anything until I cash in the freeroll again. Which I haven't been motivated to make as much time for after "proving" I could do it the first time.

So, my 2009 goals are similar:
1. Go back to the $11 Sit and Go level and stay there this time. If it takes several tries to stay there consistently, that's fine. But I shouldn't give up, and I shouldn't play scared because I don't want to go back down.

2. Stay solid in the $.10-$.20 limit cash game and work on moving up to $.25-$.50. I'd have to win over 250 big bets to move up from where I am now. Hmm, that's less than one a day. That should be do-able.

3. Concentrate on making some deep runs in the MTT. I don't want to set a final table as a goal, because I don't think I'm close, but that would be nice.

4. Play solid and reflective poker in the non-limit games Moving up a level in these games would be good here. I wonder if I should shelve Omaha for the moment..

5. Keep the bankroll moving up, and join less "stupid" tournaments with extra money that's lying around. I'm starting to think of the $11 Deep Stacks game as a prize I can give myself if I'm profitable. But if I just throw the money away, what kind of prize is that? Or maybe it's an accounting issue- maybe I shouldn't lump the "tounaments I play for fun without much hope of cashing" as a separate category from the regular MTT. Hmm.

6. Cash again (and possibly several times) in the Full Tile Razz freeroll and grow a bankroll there. I think this will come if I devote the time to it.

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!
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