February 5th, 2010


Now, let me assert before we begin that Monopoly is a crappy game. You know it's a crappy game because nobody actually plays by the rules. There are so many other games out there that are better (especially for the time it takes), and I think that in our years-long Quest To Teach the Child Good Games, we'll be teaching him Monopoly relatively late in the spectrum, if at all. (And probably only then so he'll know how to play something if he's stuck playing games with the "normies")

But it's still a classic, and so when I saw The new version of Monopoly, I just get sad.

They've had the ATM machine (so no actual money, apparently the current generation of kids is too stupid to deal out bills) for a while now, and I don't mind the inflation of prices ($2 million for passing go instead of $200)- though I don't see the point either. But a circular board? Musical selections from "popular songs" when events happen? Really?

I don't know, this whole thing gives me the kind of feeling I get when I see a 45 year old guy try to hang out with high school kids and be cool with them. You just look at it and say "No".

And that's what I'm saying here. No. Or else where does it end- should we jazz up Checkers as well?