December 18th, 2006

Finals Week

This is the worst time of the year- even worse than finals in Spring semester, because of all the associated Christmas stuff. I spent yesterday buying a bunch of presents and having the annual argument with my wife over what makes an "appropriate" present.

She brought up an interesting point- the issues involved in joint gift-giving are one of those things that you probably never think about until you get married (or if you do, you blow them off as something that's easily solved) But when you get married, it suddenly becomes a big deal, and you realize that you come from entirely different worlds with entirely different assumptions.

Buying presents for people is hard. Not just deciding what to buy, but more importantly, what the right price range is, whether various "peripheral" people should get presents (and if so, what).

So, that was yesterday. Today, I'm trying to hunker down (with poker in th background :) and get 2 tests written for tomorrow.