December 4th, 2006

Am I too trusting?

Our school does paychecks by direct deposit, which is something I used to hate, but now have grown to depend on. I used to think "I want to physically deposit the check, so I know everything is going ok", but now I get upset when I have to actually deposit a physical check at the bank (my wife and I play a game of chicken, neither one of us wanting to go to the bank, until the accumulated weight of the money that we can't spend makes one of us crack).

Anyway, with direct deposit, I only update my books when I get a statement from the bank (partially because of the direct deposit, and partially because of the impossibility of keeping an exact balance when two people are going to the ATM on the same account at random intervals). But every month, I get a "direct deposit statement" from the school, stating that I got paid, and the amount is deposited in the bank.

Usually, I just throw this out- I know I'll get paid, I know it'll be right, and I'll check it against the statement when it comes out anyway, which is really the only metric that matters.

Last month, I threw the direct deposit form out, in an unopened envelope. Two days letter, I'm checking my mailbox at work, and I find my direct deposit form there with a big note- THIS WAS FOUND IN THE GARBAGE! I picked it up, and the secretaries said to me "boy, you're lucky the janitor found this in the garbage last night- you could've lost it!".

I replied, "I threw it out on purpose."

Shocked silence.

"Geez, why would you do that? Don't you want to check it to see if it's right?"

And my gut reaction is "no- I'll know soon enough anyway". But they thought I was a naive idiot.

And now, it's a new month, and my new direct deposit slip is sitting on my desk, waiting for me to do something with it. I guess I'll have to take it home and throw it out there. Sigh.