November 17th, 2006


It's hard to get an objective feel for how much of a big deal this week's OSU-Michigan game is to the rest of the world. Obviously it's a big deal in Columbus, but people here are kind of..crazy when it comes to OSU football. Little old ladies decked out in full regalia, people with inflatable mascots on the front lawn, that sort of thing. I was watching the news last night and they had a picture of a classroom of 1st graders who were all wearing OSU colors.

(Except for one kid. Maybe he didn't get the memo, but all I could think of was "boy, you're getting beat up).

But ESPN is making a big deal out of it too, and that can only be partially because there's really no other sports action going on (middle of the football season, start of the basketball and hockey seasons). So I guess people outside of the immediate area do see this as a big deal..

As for me, I'm just waiting for this to be over with, so the town gets back to some semblance of normalcy again..