November 15th, 2006

Video Game Review- Shadow of the Colossus

(yes, it's been out forever. I'm old, and don't buy new games.)

I put this game on my list over the summer when we were looking for something to replace the infinitely-delayed Zelda with. We ended up buying Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy (which was actually really good), and I didn't end up getting this until my birthday.

The other reviews bill it as sort of a puzzle game, where the puzzles involve figuring out how to beat a series of bosses. They're right, but they don't really mention that the rest of the game has nothing in it.


There's a giant cutscene at the beginning and the end of the game that makes no sense (or maybe, makes a little sense, and I just don't care enough of the characters to pay much attention to), and for each of the 16 bosses, you have to wander through the wilderness to find the correct arena.

All of this is incredibly boring.

The boss battles, are well-done. Each of them has their own abilities and personality, and each one has its own tricks to defeat. Some tricks are easier than others, and some are too tricky (like how on boss 15, we suddenly have to start caring about how the ground moves when the colossus moves, even though we never did elsewhere in the game).

But the game is obviously built around the boss battles. I kind of wish it was more built around them- just make it a puzzle game with 16 (or more!) boards, each board is a different boss. That would avoid all the meaningless running around we had to do.

Overall: 7/10. It's a neat idea for a game, and I kept expecting the boss battles to go stale, and they didn't.