November 4th, 2006

Am I bad or unlucky?

Last night I was playing poker and lost $7.50 at the $.10-$.20 cash tables.

Which doesn't sound like a lot, but that means that if a "chip" was a $.10 piece, I lost 75 chips.


In the "riverboat" casino that we go to, each chip is worth $3. If last night would have happened there, I would have lost $225. Yikes.

This comes on top of a dismal performance in the Sit and Go No-Limit tournaments too- I haven't cashed in the last 10 or so I've done.

So I have to start wondering- am I playing badly? Or just getting on a run of bad luck? It was certainly the case last night that I got sucked out on a lot. (How do you call a raise with Q-10, call another raise when you flop second pair, and then turn a Queen for 2 pair to beat my aces?), and I don't think I was getting lucky enough on my draws (certain things that should've happened 25% of the time didnt happen at all in 10 or 20 tries), but on the other hand, the consistency of how much I've been losing lately means that maybe it can't all be luck.

How can you tell? And am I starting to play badly out of panic or tilt because I got unlucky? I think after the 9th bad beat last night I started saying "well, then go ahead and take my money!". But by then I'd already lost over $6 of my $7.50 anyway.

I wonder what I can do to fix this. I guess I should go back to the books to try and re-ground myself in good strategy..
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