October 22nd, 2006

It's a small world, after all

Just got back from a commando weekend trip for my cousin's wedding.  It was fun, filled with the usual family stuff, but fun anyways.

The strangest part was the flights.  On the way out we were at the gate, waiting for the plane (on Jet Blue- my first time flying on it.  First impressions- good airline --better than Southwest-- but it seems to have delays an awful lot), and while we were waiting, we randomly ran into someone we knew from Shakespeare on the Lawn back at UVA.  They'd come out here for a legal internship, and we'd both meant to get in touch with each other, but never did- until we ran into each other at the airport, taking the exact same flight as us.

On the flight itself, our stewardess was named "Popcorn".  Literally.  She had an official badge made out saying "Popcorn" on it. At the end of the flight, we heard "Our captain Dave, and our flight attendants Susie and Popcorn thank you for flying Jet Blue).  We were wondering if she lost a bet or something, but that's a lot of work to make a real name tag that says "Popcorn" on it.

On the flight home, standing in the JFK airport, we randomly ran into someone from our bridge club who was flying back from NY, and coming back on the exact same flight as us.  Wacky.
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